Connecting to an Account

PicThrive uses OAuth2 Web Server flow to allow 3rd party applications to connect to user accounts.

Web Server Flow

Your Data

You will need to already have the following:

  • client_id

    • Your Client Id setup through PicThrive’s dev portal.
  • client_secret

    • Your Client Secret as setup through PicThrive’s dev portal.
  • redirect_uri

Step 1: Client Login and Authorization

Make a GET request in a new browser to the Authorize URI filling in your client data.:<your client id>&redirect_uri=<your redirect uri>

This will present the user with a chance to login and authorize your application. After authorizing we will perform a redirect.

Step 2: Redirect

The browser window will be redirected to your redirect_uri:

<your redirect uri>?code=<generated auth code>

Your server will receive this code and then perform the next step in the OAuth flow

Step 3: Server Token Exchange

Your server will make an out-of-band request to<your client id>&client_secret=<your client secret>&code=<generated auth code>&redirect_uri=<your redirect uri>

We will return you a ‘Bearer’ Access token:

    "access_token": "adsfsdfsadfs",
    "refresh_token": "asdfsadfsadf",
    "scope": "",
    "token": "adsfsdfsadfs",
    "token_type": "Bearer"